Rose Benefits: Medicinal and Spiritual Properties

Rose Benefits: Medicinal and Spiritual Properties

Working with rose in her different forms. We know roses as a symbol of love, but did you know that they can comfort and calm our hearts? Last month, I connected with rose and encourage you to as well!


Common Name: Rose 

Botanical name: Rosa

Plant Family: Rosaceae

Parts Used: Flower and the Fruit

Cooling & Aromatic


Medicinal properties: 

  • is a nervine and can ease anxiety, depression, and tension.
  • Can uplift our spirits
  • Taken as a cardiotonic. Roses nourish our circulatory system as well as our heart. 
  • Contain astringent properties and can be taken as a gargle to soothe sore throats.
  • Can aid in the prevention of the cold or flu
  • Soothes PMS cramps


Rose has many topical uses as well to nourish dry skin, tone skin, soothe inflammation from burns, rashes, and acne, and 

as a first aid to promote wound healing and prevent infection.


You can use rose in a variety of herbal preparations:

  • herb-infused oil
  • herb-infused honey, 
  • syrups 
  • baths
  • creams
  • steams
  • lotion
  • salves 
  • scrubs
  • spritzers

That's not all!


Now let's talk rose magick. Roses have long been viewed as a symbol of adoration and love. 


Gender: Feminine

Element: water

Planet Venus


Magickal Properties: love, intuition, protection, luck, and



Spellcraft: Dreamwork, love spells and mixtures, healing spells and mixtures, luck spells and mixtures, or use the thorn of a rose for protection.


Witch tip: Friday is an optimal day to work with roses because it is ruled by Venus the God of love. Some spells to do are spells like beauty, love, fertility, partnerships, and art. 


Rose Reflection:

This month was a beautiful experience! I hope that you felt inspired and worked with or embraced what rose has to offer us. 

A big part of this month was rough for me. Rose helped calm my nerves, comfort my heart, and embrace the beauty of life instead of focusing on the negative. 


Preparations I made with Rose: rose oil, rose lip scrub, self-love bath tea, rose-vanilla whipped body butter, rose syrup, rosehip jam, rose butter and rose playdoh with my kids. 

I shared some of these preparations on my social media.

I also updated my materia medica with more information about the rose.


Every month I will focus on one main herb, to bond, embrace, and get to know. I am excited about This month's herb and I will share it soon! Make sure you're following me on TikTok or Instagram where I share my passion for herbalism. 

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