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Herb Magick Apothecary Kit

Herb Magick Apothecary Kit

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Herb Magick Apothecary Kit - your all-in-one solution for practicing the art of herb magick! A collection of 12 powerful and versatile organic herbs in 15ML glass viles to support your spiritual practice and enhance your magickal workings. Each herb has been carefully chosen for its unique properties and energies, making this kit a comprehensive and diverse collection of herbs to help you transform your life. It's perfect for anyone interested in exploring the mystical properties of herbs and their ability to heal and transform.

Our kit includes the following:

  • Calendula: Known for its healing properties, calendula is often used in spells for protection, love, success, and healing.
  • Catnip: A powerful herb for attracting good luck and success, catnip is also used for love spells and to promote relaxation.
  • Chamomile: A popular herb for calming nerves and promoting sleep, chamomile is also used in spells for money and prosperity.
  • Lavender: With its soothing scent and relaxing properties, lavender is often used in spells for peace, love, and protection.
  • Lemon balm: This herb is associated with success, healing, and love. It is also said to promote good luck and calm the mind.
  • Lemongrass: Known for its cleansing and purifying properties, lemongrass is often used in spells for protection and to promote psychic abilities. It also is a road opener herb to clear obstacles from your path to your desires.
  • Mugwort: Mugwort is a powerful herb used for protection and divination. It is also associated with lucid dreaming and astral projection.
  • Nettle: This herb is often used in spells for protection, healing, and banishing negative energy.
  • Peppermint: Known for its refreshing scent and cooling properties, peppermint is often used in spells for healing, prosperity and to promote good luck.
  • Rose petals: These fragrant petals are associated with love and romance. They are often used in spells for attracting love, increasing passion, and enhancing beauty.
  • Sage: This herb is known for its cleansing and purifying properties. It is often used in spells to remove negative energy and promote wisdom.
  • YarrowYarrow is believed to enhance psychic abilities and can be used in spells for courage and protection.
  • Black salt: This powerful salt is often used in protective spells and to banish negative energy.

With this kit, you'll be able to incorporate these herbs into a wide variety of rituals and spells, including:

  • Creating herbal sachets for attracting love, abundance, or protection
  • Making herbal teas for healing, relaxation, or dream work
  • Adding herbs to your bath for cleansing and purification
  • Using herbs in your meditation or visualization practice
  • Creating your own incense blends for ritual use
  • Combing them with crystals or other ingredients to create custom blends for your specific needs
  • And so much more!

Whether you're a witch, a healer, or simply someone interested in exploring the power of herbal magick, this kit is the perfect way to get started. Harness the natural energies of these powerful herbs to enhance your spiritual practice, promote healing, and bring positive energy into your life.


This product is not meant to replace medical treatment or intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any type of disease.

Metaphysical/magical outcomes are not implied or guaranteed by using this product. Any information herein related to "magical properties" represents historical or traditional usages in mythology, folklore, folk medicine, or alternative spiritual practices and is provided as a matter of interest and entertainment only.

These products are tools for your spiritual practice. YOU are magick and are responsible for the success of your magickal workings. We don't promise any specific outcome or result of using this product.

Do your research when trying a new herb and if you're using herbs for teas, tinctures, salves, balms, etc. Not every leaf, root, flower, resin, or herb is suitable for consumption, and some can not be consumed if pregnant, breastfeeding, on birth control, or may interact with certain medications. The buyer assumes all responsibility for items once purchased.

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