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Money Magnet Herbal Blend

Money Magnet Herbal Blend

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Healing Treazures Botanical Money Magnet Herbal Blend helps you in money matters with Warming planetary influences from Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, and the Sun. Our Money Magnet Herbal Blend carries the spiritual energy from prosperous expansive herbs allspice, cinnamon chips, five-finger grass (cinquefoil), ginger root, orange peel, and peppermint. This magickal blend is mindfully handcrafted to attract and expand your money, energize and open up more money-making opportunities, and protect your money gained.

You can use it in a variety of ways:

  • Burn as incense 
  • Add to sachets, mojo bags, and other charms
  • Make it into an oil for a money attraction oil 
  • Create a spell jar
  • Add to wallet or purse

and more!

My favorite way to use it so far is for a money bowl! It works like a charm!

This magickal blend comes packaged in a 2OZ black round metal tin and is made under the corresponding moon phase, charged under its' moonlight, and blessed by the 4 elements. 

Note: External Use Only. DO NOT ingest. 


This product is a tool for your spiritual practice. YOU are magick and are responsible for the success of your magickal workings. We don't promise any specific outcome or result of using this product.


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