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Witch Apothecary Starter Kit (organic herbs)

Witch Apothecary Starter Kit (organic herbs)

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Our Witch Apothecary Starter Kit is the perfect way to start your journey into the world of herbal magic and spellwork. This kit includes 10 carefully selected beginner herbs, each chosen for their specific magical properties and uses for a variety of spells, packaged in 30ml glass cork jars. The kit also includes a Book of Shadows sticker sheet that contains detailed information on herb magic and the different ways to use the herbs in spellwork. We've also included black salt, an essential ingredient in many protective and banishing spells. The kit also includes an anointing oil, perfect for use in rituals and ceremonies. As a special bonus, we've included a mystery herb that is intuitively picked and sure to add an element of surprise to your spellwork. With everything you need to start practicing herbal magic and a guide to help you understand how to use the herbs, this kit is the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.




Herbs you will receive:




Garden Sage


Lemon Balm




Red Rose Petals




This kit would have been perfect when I first started and I'm honored and excited to be able to offer this gem to you on your journey!




Bright Blessings



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