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Our Organic Yarrow are ethically sourced for the witchy and spiritually conscious soul forging their path toward authenticity and self-growth. This 0.5 oz bag of organic yarrow flowers is more than petals; it's a catalyst for your journey of overcoming obstacles and co-creating the life you 

Unlock Inner Wisdom: Dive into the profound magick of yarrow, a herb believed to enhance psychic abilities and intuition. Let its delicate blossoms open the gates to inner wisdom, guiding you toward a deeper understanding of your authentic self and the world around you.

A Shield of Protection: Feel the gentle yet powerful embrace of yarrow as it weaves a protective shield around you. In the sacred space it creates, negativity dissipates, allowing for personal growth to flourish in an environment of safety and support.

Courage and Resilience: Channel the inner strength. Yarrow, is renowned for instilling courage and resilience. Let its energy empower you to face obstacles head-on, fostering the confidence needed to navigate your unique journey of self-discovery.

Unlock Creative Potential: Stimulate your creative spirit with the inspiration of Yarrow. Open channels of expression and explore your creative potential as you transform obstacles into stepping stones on your path to authenticity.

Love and Connection: Embrace the heart-centered energy of yarrow, believed to attract positive relationships and strengthen existing bonds. Cultivate a network of love and friendship that serves as pillars on your transformative path.

Promote Healing: Allow the healing essence of yarrow to soothe both body and spirit. Beyond its physical benefits, yarrow is said to aid in the healing of emotional wounds, providing a balm for past traumas on your quest for overall well-being.

Spiritual Attunement: Yarrow is a key to unlocking spiritual awareness and higher knowledge. Let its gentle guidance help you attune to your spiritual path, offering insights that deepen your connection to self and the universe.

How to Use: Infuse yarrow into your rituals, teas, or baths to amplify its transformative energy. Let the blooms inspire creativity, foster protection, and pave the way for your spiritual journey.

Please note that bags will not always be filled to the top. Some herbs are denser than others.



The information provided represents traditional or historical uses in folk medicine, witchcraft, mythology, folklore, or alternative spiritual practices and is provided out of interest and entertainment only. 

Metaphysical/magickal outcomes are not implied or guaranteed by using this product. We supply the tools, you do the magick.

This product is not intended to replace medical treatment or to diagnose, treat, or prevent any type of disease.

Do your research when trying a new herb and if you're using herbs for teas, tinctures, salves, balms, etc. Not every leaf, root, flower, resin, or herb is suitable for consumption, and some can not be consumed if on birth control, nursing, or pregnant, and may interact with certain medications. You assume all responsibility for items once purchased.

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