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Yule Stocking (5 essential ritual tools to aid in magickal workings)

Yule Stocking (5 essential ritual tools to aid in magickal workings)

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Are you Struggling with gift-giving for your witchy loved ones? Look no further, this Yule Stocking is for you! Healing Treazures Botanical Yule Stocking is filled with essential and enchanted tools to aid in magickal workings.

In your 7-inch stocking you will receive 5 ritual tools:

  1. Healing Treazure's Sacred Cleansing Spray: a great alternative when you can't smoke cleanse, for on-the-go cleansing, or when you have kids around. It is Mindfully handcrafted to cleanse space, self, and ritual tools of negative energy while bringing in fresh energy and uplifting vibrations. 
  2. Bad Vibes Be Gone Bath Salt: Clear negative energy away. This enchanted bath salt is full of purifying botanicals like sage leaf, lavender, and rosemary; along with other natural ingredients that promote the clearing of negative energy from your body and aura.
  3. Anointing Oil: A high-vibe oil to help you focus your intention and is used for general anointing purposes. You can use it to anoint candles, ritual tools, money, and other objects; As well as yourself and space.
  4. 1 White chime candle that can be used for any intention
  5. 1 Black Onyx Tumble: Grounding stone, guards against negative energy, associated with the root chakra

I had fun putting this together for the holiday season. Grab one for yourself and gift one to your witchy loved ones. They're sure to love it! 

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