Rose of Jericho 101

Rose of Jericho 101

The Rose of Jericho, also known as the Resurrection Plant, is a fascinating plant with the unique ability to revive and come back to life even after appearing dead. The plant's spirit may help us with protection, prosperity, rebirth, cleansing, and divination. In this post, we'll explore how to revive and care for a Rose of Jericho plant, and how to work with the witchy plant for your magickal workings.


Reviving Your Rose of Jericho Plant:

To revive your Rose of Jericho plant, you need to create the right environment, rehydrate it with room temp filtered water or spring water, cleanse and energize it, place it in a special spot, maintain it with care, and perform regular rituals. Here are the steps in more detail:

  1. Select your vessel: I like placing mine in a thrifted shallow glass bowl. You don't want the vessel to be too deep. 
  2. Create the right environment: The Rose of Jericho needs a warm and dry environment with indirect sunlight. 
  3. Rehydrate the plant: To revive the plant, add room temperature spring or filtered water to your vessel and place the roots of the plant in the water. You will see it start to open. Once it's fully open (may take 4-8 hours) you can move to the next step.
  4. Cleanse and energize the plant: After reviving the plant, cleanse it with smoke from your favorite herb to remove any negative energy or stagnant vibrations. You can also place the plant under the light of the full moon to energize it.
  5. Place the plant in a special spot: Once the plant has fully opened up and is green again, place it in a special spot in your home or altar. You can add crystals or other natural elements to enhance its magickal properties.
  6. Maintain the plant with care: The Rose of Jericho is a low-maintenance plant, but you still need to check on it regularly and change its' water every other day. 
  7. Perform regular rituals: To keep the plant charged with magickal energy, you can perform regular rituals or spells involving the Rose of Jericho. You can also incorporate it into other types of rituals or meditations, depending on your intentions.


Using the Magickal Properties of Your Rose of Jericho Plant in your spiritual practice:


Once your Rose of Jericho plant has fully revived, you can use it for a variety of magickal purposes, depending on your intentions and needs. Here are some examples:

  • Protection: Place the plant in a space that needs protection, or carry a small piece with you for personal protection.
  • Prosperity and abundance: Place the plant in a location where you want to attract wealth and success or use the water in money spells.
  • Rebirth and renewal: Incorporate the plant into rituals or spells related to personal growth, healing, or spiritual awakening.
  • Cleansing and purification: Place the plant in a room that needs to be cleared of negative energy or use the water to cleanse your ritual tools
  • Divination: Hold the plant or gaze into its fronds to receive messages from the spiritual realm.



At Healing Treazures, we offer high-quality Rose of Jericho plants to help you connect with their magickal properties. You can grab yours today by visiting our shop HERE 

Remember to approach the Rose of Jericho plant with respect and gratitude, and to use its power with intention and reverence. With proper care and attention, this mystical plant can bring beauty, energy, and spiritual connection to your life.

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