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WELCOME TO Healing Treazures Botanical

Welcome to our community! We're ecstatic to have you here. Picture this: a journey of self-discovery and transformation, where every step brings you closer to the radiant, empowered woman you're destined to become. Imagine embracing the life you've always dreamed of – filled with joy, abundance, and fulfillment. With our sacred anointing oils, you'll unlock the divine power within to manifest your heart's desires and experience profound transformation. Join us as we empower you to uncover your authentic self, where every drop of our sacred anointing oils becomes a catalyst for your boundless potential and a testament to your extraordinary journey.

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About Us

Hi beautiful soul,
I'm Chauri (Shar e), the alchemist behind Healing Treazures Botanical. I'm grateful to have you here.

At Healing Treazures Botanical, we're firm believers in the remarkable potency of anointing oils to amplify your spiritual journey. Our mission is to guide spiritual souls like you to harness the transformative energy of these sacred oils, empowering you to align with your true self and manifest your deepest desires.

Crafted with care and intention, our anointing oils are designed to support your unique path of growth and evolution. Each blend is infused with the essence of nature's gifts, nurturing you as you blossom into your authentic self.

In reverence to Mother Earth, we select only the finest all-natural ingredients and organic herbs for our oils, packaged in eco-friendly materials as a token of our gratitude for the earth's abundant blessings.

We're honored to be part of your journey towards self-growth and transformation, and we're here to support you wholeheartedly. Together, let's harness the ancient power of anointing with sacred oils, infusing your journey with their transformative energy to co-create a life that radiates authenticity and fulfillment.

  • Chauri is a plant magic goddess and phenomenal alchemist. I have tried multiple kinds of products from her and they never disappoint. I always get so excited when she comes out with something new.

    -Danielle G

  • All products are thoughtfully made and packaged. I couldn’t imagine my daily routine without Healing Treazures Botanical.

    -Katrina A.

  • Chauri's products are prodigious most definitely! Never disappointed with the many products utilized!

    -Eylah K

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