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At Healing Treazures Botanical we work with the physical and spiritual energy of plants, elemental energy, and planetary energy to handcraft enchanted ritual tools, skincare, and wellness products to nurture your mind, body, and spirit, and to support you in your spiritual journey.

To nourish your body and help you create purposeful change in your life through plant magick. We have experienced the magick time and time again, and we want to help you experience the magick of plants too!

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  • Sustainable Sourcing

    The herbs used in our products are quality organic ethcically sourced herbs.

  • Green Witchery

    We work closely with the spirit of plants and nature in handcrafting our treazures.

  • Inspiring

    We inspire you to nourish your body and create meaningful change in your life through the magick plants offer us.

  • "

    I am such a fan of EVERYTHING you create. I have loved everything I've received from your shop so far, and plan on trying so much more! Your genuine authenticity radiates throughout your products. The vibes are phenomenal!

    - Chelsea M.

  • "

    Chauri is a plant magic goddess and phenomenal alchemist. I have tried multiple kinds of products from her and they never disappoint. I always get so excited when she comes out with something new.

    -Danielle G.

  • "

    You are amazing & so are your products. I love everything I buy from you!


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