Meet the Maker: Chauri, Your Plant Alchemist

Hello, beautiful soul! I'm Chauri (pronounced "shar-e"), the heart and soul behind Healing Treazures Botanical. I wear many hats in life - wife, mom, friend, daughter, witch, and spiritual herbalist.

My journey with Healing Treazures Botanical began when I embraced motherhood. Looking back, I've always been passionate about evolving into a better version of myself. However, when I became a mother at 20, I lost sight of who I was as an individual. My focus shifted entirely to being the best mother I could be, unintentionally neglecting the need to nurture my own identity. It wasn't until I felt lost and disconnected from the things that ignited my soul outside of motherhood that I realized I had to rediscover myself.

Spending time with my daughter brought back cherished memories from my childhood. I adored nature, talking to plants and animals, crafting potions and mud pies - I was an avid collector of rocks. Some of my fondest memories revolved around pow-wows, visits to our family's reservation, the sharing of stories, and the observation of beautiful rituals. These experiences deepened my love for nature and solidified my belief in animism.

Motherhood acted as a key, unlocking these memories and rekindling my connection to nature. I delved into the world of herbs, discovering their holistic potential for healing imbalances and transforming lives. I read books, enrolled in courses, and began creating herbal products to support my family. Through this journey, I witnessed the profound healing power of plants, not just for the body but for the soul. They became allies in my quest for self-growth, helping me clear blockages, release what I had been holding onto, and pave the way for personal transformation.

Healing Treazures Botanical came to life in 2020 during lockdown. Balancing full-time jobs with remote learning for our children, my husband and I made the decision for me to stay home and bring to fruition the business I had been longing to start but kept putting off.

The leap into this journey has been nothing short of fulfilling. I am very passionate about sharing my experiences with the energy of plants and their role in my self-growth journey. My aim is to uplift and inspire you to harness the energy of plants for your own transformation, helping you blossom into your authentic self. I've experienced the magick countless times, and I'm eager to share it with you, as together, we raise not only our own frequencies but also the frequency of Mother Earth and the collective consciousness, making the world a better place.

Thank you for joining me on this enchanting path of growth and empowerment.



The Art of Plant Alchemy: A Glimpse into Our Process 

 Science: There is an abundance of scientific evidence that affirms the energetic nature of all living beings, including plants. At Healing Treazures Botanical, we draw upon the profound energy of these plants to facilitate transformative shifts in your life at an energetic level.

Ritual: Our process of formulating herbal potions is a beautifully intricate journey. We begin with inspiration from our higher selves, spirit guides, and the wisdom of our ancestors. We consider the intentions behind our creations and intuitively pick a blend of herbs and other natural elements that harmonize to support your journey.

Every potion we craft is woven with care, using quality organic herbs and all-natural ingredients. We delve into the rhythms of the cosmos, carefully selecting the moon phase, the day of the week, and the planetary energies that will infuse our creations with intention and purpose.

To complete the enchantment, our potions are charged under the radiant moonlight, infusing them with the very energy that guides our spiritual connection with nature and the universe.

Our plant alchemy process is a fusion of science and the sacred, creating powerful potions that not only support your growth but also amplify the energetic transformations that you seek. It is through this alchemy of wisdom and intent that we weave the enchantment of the natural world into the tapestry of your self-growth journey.


  • Chauri is a plant magic goddess and phenomenal alchemist. I have tried multiple kinds of products from her and they never disappoint. I always get so excited when she comes out with something new.

    _ Danielle G

  • All products are thoughtfully made and packaged. I couldn’t imagine my daily routine without Healing Treazures Botanical.

    -Katrina A.

  • Chauri's products are prodigious most definitely! Never disappointed with the many products utilized!

    - Eylah K

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