Summer Solstice Rituals: Harnessing the Power of the Sun with Anointing Oils

Summer Solstice Rituals: Harnessing the Power of the Sun with Anointing Oils

The Summer Solstice, occurring on June 20th this year, is the longest day of the year and a powerful time for growth, healing, and love. This is a moment to celebrate the abundance of light, the peak of energy, and the fullness of life. By incorporating anointing oils into your solstice rituals, you can harness the sun's power to amplify your intentions and connect more deeply with the natural rhythms of the earth.

Powerful Oils and Herbs for the Summer Solstice

To make the most of the Summer Solstice energy, use anointing oils, herbs, and essential oils that resonate with the sun’s vibrant power. Here are some particularly potent ones:

  • Sunflower Oil: Symbolizing the sun’s vitality and joy, sunflower oil can be used to invoke happiness and abundance. This one is my favorite to use when I'm wanting to add sun energy to my workings. It's also easily accessible.
  • Citrus Essential Oils (Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit): These uplifting oils bring clarity, energy, and positivity, making them ideal for solstice rituals.
  • Calendula: Known for its healing properties, calendula oil promotes vitality, prosperity, success, happiness, and healing.
  • Rosemary: This herb enhances memory, clarity, and focus, helping you set clear intentions during your rituals.
  • St. John’s Wort: Traditionally used for protection and to ward off negativity, it's particularly powerful during the solstice.

Summer Solstice Rituals and Spells

  1. Sunrise Gratitude Ritual:
    • Supplies: Sunflower oil, a journal, and a pen.
    • Steps:
    1. Wake up early and find a quiet place where you can watch the sunrise.
    2. Anoint your third eye and heart with sunflower oil.
    3. As the sun rises, reflect on the blessings and abundance in your life.
    4. Write down what you are grateful for in your journal.
    5. Set an intention for the season ahead, focusing on growth and positivity.
  2. Solar Energy Charging Spell:
    • Supplies: A yellow candle, citrus oils (e.g., orange or lemon), sunflower oil, a piece of clear quartz.
    • Steps:
    1. Add a few drops of the citrus oil of your choosing into 1tbs of sunflower oil making sure to infuse your intentions into the oil.
    2. Anoint the yellow candle with the oil, focusing on your intention to harness the sun’s energy.
    3. Place the clear quartz next to the candle.
    4. Light the candle and visualize the sun’s rays charging the quartz with vibrant energy.
    5. Meditate on your goals and dreams, seeing them energized and coming to fruition.
    6. After the candle burns down, carry the quartz with you as a talisman of solar energy and empowerment.
  3. Evening Bonfire Ceremony:
    • Supplies: Calendula oil, a small bonfire or fire pit, pieces of paper, and a pen.
    • Steps:
    1. Gather with friends or loved ones around the bonfire as the sun sets.
    2. Anoint your wrists and the back of your neck with calendula oil.
    3. Write down any negative thoughts or behaviors you wish to release on the pieces of paper.
    4. One by one, throw the papers into the fire, visualizing the flames transforming negativity into light and positivity.
    5. Share your hopes and intentions for the coming months with each other, using the fire’s energy to solidify your commitments.

This year, my family and I plan to gather on the Summer Solstice to perform a sunrise gratitude ritual. We'll wake up before dawn, hike to our favorite lookout point, and anoint ourselves with sunflower oil. As we watch the sunrise, we share what we are grateful for and set our intentions for the summer. This practice not only connects us with the powerful energy of the sun but also strengthens our bond as a family. May this Summer Solstice be a time of growth, healing, and joy for you and your loved ones. Embrace the light, celebrate the abundance of the season, and let your spirit soar with the sun. Wishing you a summer filled with magick and wonder!

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