Why It's Important To Pause

Why It's Important To Pause
We all get so caught up in the busyness of this world. Always doing something or feeling like we need to do something. The majority of the day is spent working then we go home and tend to our loved ones. Staying in this energy for so long that we burn out and our health takes a toll.

When we rest, our bodies rejuvenate. We feel better, see with more clarity, and feel more at peace. I experienced this last month when I was FORCED to pause.

For almost a month, I was forced to rest. I had a virus twice within a month, Each lasting about a week. Then while I was sick, I had a severe reaction to the blood pressure medications I was on. It was so bad for a few days, I couldn't move without experiencing a gut-wrenching cramp. I was forced to rest. During this time I had a lot of time to think. I went within to try to understand why this was happening to me? What was it trying to teach me?

Usually, once I felt better, I would go back to being busy. Not this time. This time was different. I felt called to recover and pause everything. Go within and see what it was that I needed to learn because I didn't want to go through this again.

During the pause I learned a lot about myself. I had time to get clear on what I want, where I want to go, and to see what wasn't working for me. I had the time to change my eating habits. I am now eating healthier and on a diet to help lower blood pressure naturally. I had the time to break some old habits and start new ones that are more aligned with me on a soul level. I became more mindful, present, and grateful for everyday. I was reminded to find magick within and around me.

Taking a pause is healing. After my experience I want to share this message with you. To Remember to pause. Remember to rest. Take care of you first. You can't fill from an empty cup.

Pausing is Healing and transforming. Are you ready?
Wintertime is the perfect time to rest. Mother nature is resting and she urges us to rest too.

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