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Root Chakra Oil Roller

Root Chakra Oil Roller

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Our 10 ml Root Chakra Oil roller is an enchanted powerful blend of grounding essential oils in a base of nourishing jojoba oil, infused with red jasper crystal chips. This roller is magickally handcrafted to help balance and strengthen the root chakra, which is the foundation of our physical and energetic bodies.

The Root Chakra, also known as the Muladhara Chakra is the first chakra in the body and is located at the base of the spine. It is associated with the element of earth and is responsible for our feelings of safety, security, and grounding. When the Root Chakra is balanced and aligned, we feel a sense of stability and connection to the earth, and we can meet our basic needs with ease. However, when the Root Chakra is blocked or imbalanced, we may feel anxious, fearful, or disconnected from our bodies and the world around us. Balancing the Root Chakra is essential for our overall well-being and spiritual growth.

Crafted with cedarwood, frankincense, and myrrh essential oils, this roller is perfect for those seeking a sense of stability and balance in their daily lives. Cedarwood essential oil is known for its grounding and calming properties, while frankincense and myrrh essential oils are known for their ability to reduce stress and anxiety. These oils work together to promote a sense of calm and grounding, helping to ease feelings of fear and uncertainty.

Together, the essential oils and red jasper crystals work synergistically to help balance and align your root chakra, promoting feelings of stability, security, and grounding.

To use this root chakra roller in your spiritual practice, apply it to the base of your spine and gently massage it into your skin. You can also apply it to your wrists or temples for an extra dose of grounding and stability throughout the day. As you apply the roller, take a few deep breaths and visualize a warm, red light filling the base of your spine, radiating out to the rest of your body. Feel the sense of safety, stability, and grounding that comes with a balanced root chakra.

Here are other ways to use the Root Chakra Roller:

Daily Ritual: Incorporate the use of this root chakra roller into your daily ritual. Take a few deep breaths, focus on the present moment, and apply the roller to the base of your spine while visualizing the warm, red light filling the area. This can help you feel grounded and centered throughout the day.

Meditation: Apply the root chakra roller before starting your meditation practice. The grounding properties of the essential oils and red jasper crystals can help to calm your mind and deepen your meditation.

Yoga: Use the root chakra roller before or during your yoga practice. Apply it to the base of your spine or the soles of your feet to help you feel more connected to the earth and grounded in your spiritual practice.

Before Bedtime: Apply the root chakra roller before bed. It can help to ground and calm your mind, allowing you to sleep more peacefully.

During Times of Stress: Use the root chakra roller to ease stress and anxiety. Apply it to your wrists or temples to promote a sense of calm and stability.

On-the-go: Keep the root chakra roller in your bag or pocket for easy use throughout the day. Apply it whenever you need a quick dose of grounding and stability.

Remember, the root chakra is the foundation of our energy system. A balanced root chakra can help us feel grounded, stable, and secure in our physical body and our connection to the earth. Use this roller to align your root chakra or, whenever you feel disconnected, anxious, or ungrounded, or simply as a daily reminder to stay rooted and centered.

Shelf life 1 year


Patch test on skin before use

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